Spring Up Your Appetite With These 5 Foods!!

Spring is here and so are the fresh veggies and fruit along with succulent meats and delicious grains. In this post you’ll find nutritional information about each food mentioned below:


     1. Artichokes

  • Slows down eating rate and provides a broad range of nutrients
  • Keep dressings, sauces, and dips low in fat
  • One large artichoke = 25 calories
  • No fat
  • 170 milligrams of potassium
  • Good source of vitamin C, antioxidants, folate, and magnesium
  • 10.3 grams of fiber (4oz serving)
    • High fiber helps with blood glucose management as well as maintaining digestive health, lowing blood cholesterol, reducing the risk of heart disease, and can prevent certain types of cancer
  • 1 medium artichoke = 14 grams of carbohydrates
  • Can be purchased fresh, frozen, canned, or jarred, with or without added seasonings.


 2. Halibut

  • Firm texture and mild taste
  • 158 calories (4 oz serving)
  • Excellent course of protein, minerals (selenium, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium), B vitamins (B12, niacin, and B6)
  • Great source of omega-3 fatty acids
    • Acids are known for reducing risk of blood clotting
    • provides anti-inflammatory effects to reducing heart disease, stroke, and cancer
  • Can help lower triglycerides to preferred level (less than 150mg/dl)
  • Available fresh from spring through mid-fall, also is frozen year long


     3. Beets

  • Brightly colored, highly nutritious
  • Heart- and diabetes-friendly root veggies
  • Unique pigment antioxidants in root as well as greens offer protection against coronary artery disease and stroke, lower cholesterol levels, and have anti-aging effects
  • Shown to be especially important contributor of two carotenoids: lutein and zeaxanthin
  • These two compounds are beneficial to eye health and common age-related eye problems involving the macula and the retina
  • Excellent source of heart-healthy folate
  • Antioxidnets = manganese and potassium
  • Good source of dietary fiber, vitamin C, copper, magnesium, iron, and phosphorus
  • 1 cup of boiled beets = 75 calories, 17 grams of carbohydrates, and close to 4 grams of fiber


4. Blueberries

  • Packing flavor, fiber, and nutrients
  • Top source of dietary fiber, antioxidants, manganese, and vitamin C
  • 80 calories and 20 grams of carbohydrates per cup
  • Lowers risk of cancers, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes
  • Also improves memory and cognitive function
  • Delicate and delicious during raw season, are also available year around frozen and dried


5. Strawberries

  • Very popular with color, taste, aroma, and versatility
  • Makes it easy to meet needs for vitamin C, fiber, potassium, and antioxidants
  • Dream food for those managing weight and diabetes
  • 1 cup = 44 calories, 4 grams of carbohydrates, and more than 3 grams of dietary fiber
  • Two day limit for storing strawberries without seeing a major loss of vitamin C and antioxidants
  • Fresh strawberries are most abundant and tasty between April through July, can find them frozen at any time
  • Strawberries should not be washed until right before eating or used in a recipe

Know any more foods that are good for the spring weather? Write them in the comment section and let me know other foods that I can add to my list!

Source: http://www.diabeticlivingonline.com/food-to-eat/nutrition/top-10-foods-you-should-eat-spring




An Eggcelent Breakfast Bowl Recipe

Photo from specialforkblog.com 

Ever since I started cooking for myself, I got tired of the same things all the time like eggs with meat and toast, cereal, or even scrambled eggs. There is only so many things one can do with those types of meals especially when the main focus is eggs. I have been cooking for myself even in high school but not as much as I do in college. I have a love for the culture of japan and their food so the breakfast bowl I’ll be telling you about is a copycat recipe of one of their dishes.   The dish where I got the idea from is called donburi, which is literally “bowl”, also frequently abbreviated as “don”, less commonly spelled “domburi” is a Japanese “rice bowl dish” consisting of fish, meat, vegetables or other ingredients simmered together and served over rice. My interpretation is the rice as the base, usually seasoned with salt, butter, and pepper. It needs to be simple since the flavors on top of it with be soaked into the rice. My usual breakfast bowl dish consists of bacon, green onions, veggies (whatever I have on me), and an omelet that is almost cooked all the way. After I season the rice, I would place that in a bowl then cook my bacon. After the bacon is done, I would either crumble it or cut it into bite size pieces and place it on top of the rice. Next I would cook my veggies and usually, they would contain brussel sprouts, zucchini, and bell peppers (orange, red and yellow for color). I would place the veggies on top of the rice as well and mix up the bacon and the veggies.

Next, I would start with the omelet and I usually add milk into my eggs for a fluffier texture and just because I always put milk in my eggs when scrambled or in an omelet. As the eggs are cooking, I would keep bringing in the eggs and do a soft scramble with it while not breaking the egg surface to keep the omelet form. In the eggs, that is where I put a lot of flavor into it which is usually garlic and onion powder, paprika, cayenne (a little), hot sauce, salt, pepper, cheese, and parsley. Only cooking that to the point where it is still a bit runny then flipping it over so the runny part of the omelet is oozing into the veggies, bacon, and rice. Then I top it off with more parsley and ketchup. I have cooked this recipe many times and I believe I have perfected it and made it my own. I don’t really have a name for it yet but it is a very hearty breakfast that is also pretty good for you. Sometimes I like to put green onions on top but that is if I have the ingredient. I used to cook this meal for my roommates a lot but now I mainly just cook it for myself since we are mainly on opposite schedules. I have a rice cooker for my rice so I usually do the minimum requirement of rice which is two cups. I do not use all the rice so normally I just pack it up and save it for later. Anyone can make this meal, it is very easy and anyone can literally put anything in it and cook the eggs however they want it. This meal does take some time to prep so make sure everything is cut up beforehand and keep the rice in the cooker until it is ready to be served. So please, pick up your cooking utensils and start cooking!

Photo from 68.media.tumblr.com


Here is a video of one of my favorite Japanese youtube cooking shows, their name is called cooking with dog.

Meal Prep Like a Bowes Would

  1. Get up and Buy Groceriesgiphy.gif

    It all starts off by getting off your butt, grabbing the keys, starting the car and actually driving to a decent grocery store. There are just some grocery stores out there that are just not good. Farmers markets are more recommended since there is fresher produce, usually.

  2. Actually Buying “Good For You” Food


    This means that buying more vegetables, meat (more so white than red), and fruit with fewer grains (still having some) with little to almost no junk food. I am not saying totally cut junk food out of your life but everything in moderation. But you are wondering why you need to buy more veggies, meats, and fruits. Well, with more veggies and fruits means more fiber, low in calories, more vitamins and minerals, very nutritious, helps prevent diseases, and it is very convenient since it comes in all forms (frozen, fresh, canned, dried and even in juice form). But why choose white meat over red meat?  White meat is considered to be more poultry base while red meat is more beef, pork, and lamb. White meat has lower fat content than red meat does. But red meat also contains higher levels of vitamins like iron, zinc and B vitamins. Because red meat has these higher vitamins and such as I stated above, people who consider themselves as vegetarians and or vegans are often lacking in these vitamins, especially B vitamins. But even though the red meat has all of the vitamins, if there is a high consumption of red meat, it has been correlated with increased incidence of certain cancers, specifically colorectal cancer. Both white and red meat have benefits and it is important to include meat in diets since you need the protein. But it is really up to preference. For me, I prefer both but I am a bit more on the red side of the spectrum.

  3. Start Cooking


    Cooking should be thought out first. There needs to be a good amount of veggies and fruit with some grain and meat. Never cook anything fast otherwise, you’ll just burn the food. Cooking in bulk is very helpful. For example, I see people cook their veggies a lot by baking it in a pan or glass pan and leaving it in the oven for a long time. It really doesn’t matter wat method you use to cook, but you need to cook things in big portions in order to separate it out evenly in different food containers. I usually do rice (switch between brown and white) or couscous with chicken or filet mignon, with the veggies consisting of Brussel sprouts, asparagus, bell peppers, and of course, with a little bit a cheese to taste.

  4. Spice, Spice and more Spicegiphy-3.gif

    Adding spices such as paprika, cayenne, red pepper flakes, cajun seasoning…etc, can really help your metabolism and to literally “spice” up the flavors. You can leave everything up to salt and pepper, they can heighten the original taste of a product but by adding hot spices can really intensify the flavor. Studies have shown that eating spicy food can help lower the risk of a heart attack and stroke. Spices help get rid of bad cholesterol and can also potentially help fight inflammation, which is a red flag for heart issues. Also, hot food is just too damn delicious.

  5. Start Separating


    Grab a bunch of to go containers, lay them out next to one another and start filling them up. But there is one thing to look out for and that is portion sizes. Add at most a cup or a cup and a half of grain to each, with the veggies and fruits filling more than half of the container, and add at least a fist size (your fist) of meat to the container. This will help you control how much you eat. This is one of the biggest problems in today’s society, so controlling portion sizes are very important, but you can never have too many fruits and veggies.

  6. Store the Food and Wait for Tomorrow


    Make sure the meals are all ready for the week, or however many you made for however many weeks. But after the meal is done, try adding different “top” flavors to each meal. What I mean by top flavors is by adding a couple different sauces or spices on top of all the cooked food to get at least a variety of taste for however long you plan on eating the same meal. This can help you look forward to your next meal instead of dreading it. After doing this, just store it away in the fridge and get excited for lunch time tomorrow.

All GIFS are from a source called giphy.com.

Content is from my personal experience.

Meal Prep, why you SHOULD do it

Want to change your life? Check this out.

Spice & Nice.png

This is an original photo from the food I have made in the past.

I know this sound crazy to a lot of people but meal prepping can help in so many ways. But there are so many ways where it can go wrong. It is really basic actually, buy the right food. These foods include a boatload of vegetables and fruits, a good handful of protein, an okay amount of grain, a little dipping cup of good fats, and barely any sweets.

Meal Prepping is ambitious and it takes a willing mind to make a change in their life. Prepping takes a lot of work, trust me, I know from experience. After getting the groceries, the prepping starts. Preparing the ingredients need focus and thought. These are going to be the underdog of the dish but the underdog always supports the main dish, which is usually the protein. Protein can be anything really but the amount of protein should be the size of your fist for each meal. Seasoning is everything when it comes to a dish, especially one that you’ll be eating every day. It has to taste interesting and good otherwise it’ll start to taste boring. Try to also add some grains into the meal preps, not all the time but sometimes. We are really only supposed to eat a slice of bread max a day so cutting back grains is key. It will take a long time to cook since you’re cooking for how many days you are (I usually cook my lunches for four days straight). Have the tupperware set up before hand and make sure when the cooking is done, evenly portion each food separately in the tupperwares. Meal prep cooking should take at least a couple of hours, if not more. Make sure they all have the same amount since portion size is also another key factor to meal plans.

After the food is evenly portioned, expect to have a fridge full of tupperware. Make sure to make room otherwise the food will go bad and then you just wasted all that time and money for nothing. After everything is put away, there is then the mess to clean up. It should be easy, it is just clean up dishes, I don’t need to explain how to clean up that, though, it is a given. There are different types of meal prepping, such as cooking things seperately or putting everything together in one bite like a casserole. There is no right answer to cooking a meal plan, on a path to get on a healthier kick. There is a wrong path though and that is eating out a lot, binging on junk food, school food (I believe), and eating when you are not hungry. These are some of the reasons why people are considered unhealthy and obese in our country. The businesses of America created fast ways to eat food but food should take time and love while making healthy choices.

“It is not a short term diet. It is a long term lifestyle change”

As you read my post, you would think to yourself “what about the measurements of each food group?” There are containers out there that do tell you how much you should eat but I I believe if you are eating the right things that make you feel better, then continue to do so. If you want to change the way you eat, then start meal prepping or at least start cooking food from mother earth, not from a box. Any intake will affect the future self, so be careful and start thinking about your future self.

Here are some links to get started, but if you truly want to change yourself, get up and start, good food won’t come to you (unless you order) you have to make it happen.






Want to know a bit about me? Check out this post.

Hi, My name is Colleen E. Bowes. I am in my 4th year, last semester here at Penn College. I live off-campus next to Joes Pizza with two roommates (the one in the middle in the picture is one of them). Their names are Melina and Louisa, and I love them very much ( as the rest of my friends as well). I played soccer for the Women’s Soccer team here at Penn College. I say played since the regular season is over for me, but I do have a spring season. Spring season is just an excuse to workout and play a tournament for a day. I have played soccer ever since I could remember. My position is Goal Keeper and I love it. It is, I believe, the hardest position on the field. Anyone can score a goal but can anyone be tough enough, throw their body at another person and stop a shot from a goal 5 times your width and 2 times your height? It is not easy but that is what it made it so much fun. I am also in the Interactive Media and Web Design major with a Minor in Marketing. I currently work at Public Relations and Marketing as an Interactive Media and Web Developer Assistant. I help with day to day tasks such as uploading updates that need to be done to the website. I also re-done the school store website by scratch. All the friends I have made in college are very precious to me. We became like family and there is nothing more I can ask for. I still have friends back at home that I keep in touch with as well. I believe I am a very fun person to be around and I will always be myself. I enjoy many things (too many to write) and I am down to do whatever, I am never really picky. I hope this will be a fun class that will help me learn things I did not know of before. Let’s have a good semester!